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Friday, October 22, 2010

Guest author, Erin Leaf

Welcome guest author,
Erin Leaf

~Who is Erin Leaf?~

Erin M. Leaf's romance novel, "The First Time is the Sweetest," was published by Siren-BookStrand in 2010. Erin’s first story, written in third grade, involved a burning house, a desperate jump, and the last-minute save of her older sister. Since then, Erin has been a technical writer, an editor, a proofreader, and a poet. Erin is the kind of writer that loves a happy ever after ending every time.

~Tasty tidbits about Erin ~

What is your favorite season?
What is your favorite junk food?
Chocolate isn’t junk food; there’s a vitamin in it somewhere.
What is your favorite color?
Purple. And red. And yellow. Okay, the rainbow is my favorite color.
How many pieces of jewelry do you wear on a daily basis?
 Twelve pieces or so (rings, bracelets). Do earrings count? No necklaces.
Have you ever gone commando (no underwear)?
Hell, yeah.

~Q&A with Erin~

What made you decide to write the genre you do?
I love romance novels! I love the tension, the buildup of sexual heat, the climax, and of course the happy ever after ending. And because I’m a bit of a rebel, I had to write the steamiest romance out there: ménage erotica. I love the idea of two guys getting it on and I love the idea of a lucky girl who gets to play with two men at the same time. There is no bad to be had in threesomes, as far as I’m concerned.
When not writing, what hobbies/interests do you have?
 My latest passion is ballroom dancing. My husband and I are learning the tango and according to my teacher, to tango properly, you and your partner have to be plastered against each other. The tango is ridiculously sexual and I love it. My other hobbies? Bicycling is big for me. I’ve been bicycling since I was five years old. I also love to read, but that’s probably a given, right? What writer doesn’t love to read? If I don’t have anything to read during breakfast I’ll read the cereal box. And grocery receipts. If I’m desperate, I’ll even read the bills, though I try to avoid that if at all possible. Reading’s an addiction for me.
What is your latest book about?
My latest book, “The First Time is the Sweetest,” is about a young woman who experiences love for the first time. My heroine, Sabrina, unexpectedly finds herself living with two hot guys. They fall in love with her as well as each other so Sabrina gets to watch them get down and dirty together. She’s a virgin and the two men initiate her into the joys of sex, keep her safe from the bad guy who keeps shooting at her, and ultimately they live happily ever after.

What are your thoughts on eBook piracy?
 I hate it. It really vexes me to know that people are stealing the book that took me months to write. I went to college for writing, worked as a writer, and spent years learning my craft. When people steal my books, it means that they are stealing all those years of effort not to mention the money that I would use to help support my family. If I walked up to someone selling hand-made bags at a craft store and swiped one, that person would be pretty angry. eBook piracy is no different, but many people don’t think of it that way. It’s aggravating.
If you could do one taboo thing what would it be and why?
 I’ve done pretty much every taboo thing I’ve ever wanted already: sloth (I don’t have to wish this one, I embody sloth on an everyday basis), skip church on Sundays (I’ve got that covered—I’m an atheist), cursing (coming up with creative and amusing obscenities is a hobby of mine). Those that I haven’t done aren’t things that I particularly want anyway: adultery (my husband is awesome, I can’t even conceive of this), murder (okay, sometimes I want to wack the ladies having social hour in the produce section of the grocery store, but I usually get over that pretty quickly). Oh wait! I just thought of one! I’d love to be able to sunbathe naked. In my backyard. I hate bathing suits. They’re always twisting and riding up in the worst places.
If you could go on a date with anyone (and I mean anyone) who would it be and why?
Anaïs Nin. I’ve read her work and I think she’s fascinating. I’d love to pick her brain about her life, her loves, her sexuality. I find her courage incredibly attractive. It’s amazing to me how much she was able to actually be herself, despite the strictures of her society and her health problems. That takes a special kind of resilience. As for guys? My list is too long! Seriously. It might be fun to go on a date with a couple of my characters. Isn’t that what writing an entire book about two hot guys is, really? A daydream gone wild.
What is one thing about you that no one knows?
Hmm, as far as writing goes? My biggest secret is that I have a whole other writing life under my real name, in a completely different genre. The readers I have in that world would probably be stunned to find out that I write erotica, however I’m under no illusions about keeping it secret forever. I’ll probably enjoy the surprise when it comes out.
What is your writing day like?
 Usually I get up and tell myself that I’m going to sit down and begin working on my novel as soon as I eat breakfast. This is a lie. I never manage to start work before noon, but this lie is dear to my heart and my sense of industry. The truth? I drag myself out of bed, eat breakfast, make the beds, surf the web, answer email, exercise, run a few errands, eat lunch. After that, I can usually make myself start working and I get in a good few hours before the kids come home from school. It’s not glamorous, but it seems to work for me.
Do you think there is a difference between making love and having sex?
Most definitely! Sex is great and I completely believe it’s possible to have sex with someone you like, just for fun. I see nothing wrong with fooling around. However, when you make love, the sex is that much steamier because you’re searching for an intimate connection, not just getting off. Sex is masturbation with another person. Making love is how you grow closer to your lover because you are giving of yourself with pleasurable intent.
What is your current project?
I just completed a new erotic ménage that I’m hoping to get published soon. It’s about a rock star, his best friend, and a high school librarian. The librarian begins to dream about the rocker and his friend, and eventually she realizes that she’s not the only one dreaming. When the three finally meet: fireworks! And telepathy! Crazy paparazzi and some serious bad guys. I can’t seem to write a book without a bad guy somewhere in the plot. I’m thinking of turning this particular universe (telepathy, bonding, soul-mates) into a series.

I want to thank Erin for taking the time to share her answers with us.

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/erinmleaf

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The First Time is the Sweetest
Available through Siren-Bookstrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/the-first-time-is-the-sweetest
Also available on Amazon, Mobipocket, and Barnes & Noble

Two men.
One woman.
A mystery shooter.

Who is trying to kill Sabrina and why? Will Jimmy be able to protect her, or will he need the help of sexy FBI agent Gabriel? And how can Sabrina resist falling in love when she experiences passion for the first time?

Despite the danger, she can’t help how she feels, especially not when Gabriel and Jimmy begin to rekindle the romance they had to abandon years ago. When she realizes that both men desire her just as much as they want each other, she falls head over heels for the first time.

When violence strikes, the only way out of disaster is for the three of them to trust in each other and in love.

Read what everyone is saying:

5 STAR: “There is a lot of heat to this book. It is not for the faint of heart. I recommend it!” -- Stephanie Rollins, BookReviewsRUs.com

4 TEA CUPS: “Mix a virginal heroine with a bi-sexual family friend and a bi-sexual FBI Special Agent, throw in some mayhem with possible gang repercussions, and you have an explosive mix. This story, as they say on the streets, ‘rocks.’ . . .”-- Desmond, Happily Ever After Reviews

                  “Who is it?” Jimmy asked, walking down the hall. He still looked disheveled, but at least he was decently attired.
                  Sabrina sighed again. “I don’t know, two guys in suits.” She moved to unlock the door. “And guns,” she added as Jimmy stopped behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders, then stepping to the side so that his presence wouldn’t be immediately apparent to whoever was on the other side of the door. She swung it open and waited for the two strangers to introduce themselves.
                  The younger man was even more attractive without the glass obscuring his features. As soon as the door swung out of the way, he locked his eyes on her. Sabrina stood there as he smiled, the corners of his blue eyes crinkling. She felt a flash of heat. Good lord, he’s a handsome one, she thought faintly.
                  “Hi, is this the Birch residence?” the man asked, smiling.
                  Sabrina flushed. She felt like someone had hit her in the head, he was so gorgeous. She didn’t speak right away, trying to get her libido under control. She hoped Jimmy hadn’t noticed her reaction. It was just as well her boyfriend stood out of sight, behind the wood of the doorjamb. At least he couldn’t see her face from there. The older man sighed, looking around again. He held a folder under his right arm.
                  Sabrina blinked, gathering her thoughts. “Uh, yeah, can I help you?” Jimmy breathed heavily behind her. What was bothering him? Could these men be dangerous?
                  “I’m Special Agent Oliver, and this is Special Agent Patrick, FBI.” The younger man gestured behind him before reaching into his suit jacket and pulling out a badge. His smooth tenor was as attractive as Jimmy’s baritone.
                  Sabrina shivered, then crossed her arms over her breasts as she felt her nipples pucker. Hoping the agent couldn’t see her reaction, she looked at the ID. It wasn’t like her to drool over a guy she’d just met two seconds ago. She wondered if the near-constant lust she’d felt near Jimmy the past few weeks was affecting her ability to function. She leaned closer, trying to focus on the badge, but couldn’t quite make out the fine print. Remembering that her dad always cautioned her to call in a badge number if officers came to the house, she reached out to take it in her hand.
                  “If you don’t mind, I’d like to check your ID,” she said and the agent nodded, but she’d no sooner gotten her hands on it when Jimmy spoke, startling her.
                  “No need, Sabrina.”
                  She pulled her hand back and glanced uncertainly over her shoulder at him. Jimmy looked pale but composed as he stepped up.
                  “I know him, he’s legit.” They knew each other?
                  Jimmy took a deep breath and held out his hand, “Long time no see, Gabriel.” The younger agent stared at Jimmy like he’d seen a ghost, then reached out to grasp Jimmy’s hand. Jimmy shook it firmly.
                  Sabrina looked from one to the other as they stood there, unmoving. Both men looked rattled. She frowned, wondering what was going on when Gabriel opened his mouth to speak. Before he could say a word, the crack of a gunshot split the air, and she only had enough time to think, Crap! when Gabriel shoved her to the ground.

Read below for a hot adult excerpt (Warning adult content)

“Can I open your jeans?” she asked. She wanted to touch his skin. Gabriel opened his eyes and looked at Jimmy for a long moment before he nodded. Sabrina moved her right hand over and used both hands to open the button at the top of his jeans. Pulling down the zipper was a bit more difficult as Gabriel’s erection pushed firmly against the metal. She got it halfway down before she stopped. She didn’t want to hurt him.
“Here,” Jimmy said, reaching over to help.
She felt his breath on her neck when he slid his right hand into Gabriel’s open jeans, pushing down gently on the other man’s cock so she could pull open the zipper. Gabriel moaned, and Sabrina sucked in a breath at the sight of Jimmy touching him. It was the most erotic thing she’d ever seen, even more so as she realized that this was the first time Gabriel had ever been touched so intimately by another man. The thought of that pushed the heat spiraling inside her even higher.
When the zipper was finally down, Jimmy slowly withdrew his fingers, stroking Gabriel on the way out. Gabriel breathed harshly, looking so completely debauched Sabrina couldn’t stop herself from licking her lips. She looked at his face as her right hand cupped him through the soft cotton of his boxer briefs, using her left to peel back his jeans. He’d closed his eyes by now and tipped his head back into Jimmy’s fingers. He looked gorgeous. The heat of his cock seared her palm as she ran her fingers up and over the crown, gently touching the wet spot on his underwear at the top. Suddenly he opened his eyes and she froze, the heat in them startling her. She couldn’t look away, even when she felt Jimmy’s lips against her neck. Then Jimmy’s tongue darted out, rasping her skin as he licked under her ear. She shivered and clenched her hand around Gabriel tightly. He bucked up into her grasp.
“Please—” he groaned, but Sabrina didn’t know what he wanted. She was out of her depth, completely.
She cleared her throat. “What do you want?” Sabrina ran her finger over the crown again. Gabriel shook under her hands but didn’t speak, thrashing his head back and forth. Jimmy moved his right hand onto her waist, rubbing against her ribs right under her breasts. His left hand cradled Gabriel’s neck and Sabrina felt him grip Gabriel’s hair in his fist.
“He wants you to pull down his boxers and touch him, Sabrina,” Jimmy murmured in her ear. Sabrina’s breath caught as Gabriel nodded distractedly. His hips twitched, making little bucking movements under her palm.
“Are you sure?” she asked Gabriel. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”
“Yes, yes. You couldn’t do anything wrong right now if you tried,” he muttered, moaning again as her fingers stroked him. Sabrina smiled to herself, enjoying the look on his face. She still felt bashful, but with Jimmy’s hand in his hair and her fingers on his cock, she could see that he couldn’t control himself any longer. He pushed himself into her hand again, then opened his eyes and stared hotly at her. “Do whatever the hell you want, Sabrina.”
A zing of excitement flashed through her. Given his firm encouragement, Sabrina found the courage to grasp the elastic of his boxers and gently pull them down. It was more difficult than she expected because his erection bobbed out toward her as she tugged the cotton away. Gabriel lifted his hips, and she pulled his pants and underwear down to his thighs until he sat there, fully exposed. She stared.
His cock arched up above his groin, thick and beautiful. He was uncut, the head flushed a deep rose color. A small, glistening drop of pre-cum decorated the tip. Sabrina licked her lips again, fighting the urge to bend over and lick him. Instead she stroked her hand up his length experimentally, and Gabriel groaned, shoving into her palm.
“God!” Sabrina looked up, afraid she’d hurt him. “I am so fucking hot right now.” Gabriel gasped and bucked again. The soft skin of him slid against her palm as Jimmy panted hotly down her neck. She paused, not sure what to do.
“No, Sabrina, don’t stop!” Gabriel groaned, gripping the sofa cushions with his left hand. His right hand flexed on her leg, and she realized he was holding back, trying not to frighten her. She watched as the skin of his cock moved under her fingers and then she let go, running her fingers through his pubic hair. His balls nestled tightly underneath and she fondled them gently, exploring their heft and wondering what it felt like when she touched them. When Gabriel moaned, she stopped again, not sure what to do. She hadn’t realized they were so sensitive. And she thought they’d be larger. Gabriel had his eyes closed, and he was definitely flushed now. Sabrina fondled him some more and watched a bead of sweat run down his face.
“Can I still ask questions?” she whispered, running her hand back up his length. Another drop of moisture seeped from his cockhead, and she ran her thumb over it, rubbing it gently into his skin as he bucked up into her grip. He gasped.
“What do you want to know?” Jimmy murmured in her ear when Gabriel didn’t respond. Sabrina felt herself breathing heavier, but even in her arousal she felt shy about voicing aloud what she wanted to know. “Don’t be afraid, sweetheart.” Jimmy stroked his hand along her ribs as she stroked Gabriel. When Gabriel opened his eyes and looked up at them, the blue was almost swallowed by the black of his pupils. Jimmy sucked in a breath, and Sabrina felt his hips move against her as though he needed to press against something.
Gabriel moaned again, and Sabrina abruptly realized she loved when he did that. It was hotter than her fantasies, hotter than anything she’d imagined. She hesitated, another question on the tip of her tongue, and Jimmy smiled reassuringly.
“You can ask us anything, okay?” Gabriel nodded agreement with his eyes closed.
“I always thought a man’s, um, balls would be bigger.” Sabrina grimaced, completely mortified that she’d said that aloud. Gabriel smiled, but didn’t open his eyes. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She couldn’t believe she was holding Gabriel’s sex in her hand, feeling his warmth, the slightly moist skin. He was letting her touch him, letting her do whatever she wanted to him. And she especially couldn’t believe she was doing all this with Jimmy right next to her, breathing in her ear. Sabrina felt both powerful and shy, caught between the two emotions like she was caught between the two men.
“He’s really aroused right now,” Jimmy whispered. He’d moved his hand down from her waist and was inching over to Gabriel. He leaned over her and cupped Gabriel’s sac just as she slid her hand over Gabriel’s cock again. She wondered if she should lick her hand to make it easier to slide over him, but as soon as Jimmy touched the other man, Gabriel bucked in their grasp and she lost her train of thought.
“God!” Gabriel rolled his head back and forth on the couch now. Sabrina almost pulled away but Jimmy stopped her, holding her hand steady as Gabriel’s cock flexed beneath both of their fingers.
“When a man is this close to coming, his balls tighten up and draw close to his body. Sometimes, you can keep him from it if you grasp them and pull them gently down and away, like this.” As he spoke, he gripped Gabriel again, gently but firmly, and pulled down the sac as Gabriel groaned. His cock pulsed under her palm. Then Jimmy let go and moved his hand up to cover Sabrina’s.
“Shit! Stop fucking teasing me!” Gabriel gasped weakly. Sabrina’s eyes flew up to Gabriel and then Jimmy, who laughed and then looked at the other man.
“All right, Gabriel, hang in there,” he said, his voice low and sexy, and Sabrina watched Gabriel shiver at the sound. Wow, Sabrina thought. He’s as attracted to Jimmy as I am! Then Jimmy pulled her hand away from Gabriel and she had a moment to be confused before he spoke again.
“Sabrina, here, lick your palm, okay?” Jimmy brought her right hand to her mouth. Just as she went to lick her palm, Gabriel’s eyes shot open and he looked right at her, his pupils blown with arousal. She licked her skin slowly, not looking away. She even sucked briefly on one of the fingers Jimmy had curled around hers. Gabriel swallowed hard and Jimmy choked. Arousing two men at the same time has to be some sort of accomplishment for someone as inexperienced as I am, Sabrina thought, feeling a thrill. She was really here, touching them even though she was still a little scared, but the way Gabriel looked, gripping the sofa’s cushions and shaking, was enough to convince her that she wanted more. A lot more. Jimmy brought their hands back down to Gabriel’s cock and slicked her palm down over the crown. When Gabriel thrust up, she curled her fingers around him, savoring the silky heat.
“This part is the most sensitive,” Jimmy instructed, moving her thumb carefully, rubbing it into the spot just beneath the top while the other man thrashed his head. “Most men really like it when you stroke them there.”
Sabrina did as he instructed, delighted when Gabriel moaned again. His balls drew up even closer to his body as he opened his legs further. His cock flushed a darker red and she’d never seen anything so beautiful in her life. She wanted to lean down and kiss him, right on the top, but wasn’t sure if she should. She let Jimmy move her hand some more.
After a few more strokes, paying careful attention to that one spot, Jimmy shifted and murmured in her ear, “He’s really close now.”


  1. Jenika, thank you for such an awesome interview!! :-)

  2. I want to thank Erin for participating in this interview. She is such a sport!!