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Friday, November 5, 2010

Guest author, Suzanne Graham

Welcome guest author,
Suzanne Graham

Who is Suzanne?
Suzanne Graham has always been an avid reader and diary writer. After inheriting boxes of romance books from her aunt, she decided to try putting her own stories on paper. Suzanne met her husband, a fellow American, as an exchange student at the University of Warwick in England. They are the proud parents of three boys. In her spare time, you can usually find Suzanne on the living room couch reading romances.

Tasty tidbits about Suzanne

What is your favorite season?
Fall, I love the crisp air and change of color of the leaves.
What is your favorite junk food?
Chocolate chip cookies
What kind of vehicle do you drive?
In my dreams – a Corvette. In reality – a minivan.
What is your favorite color?
Spring green
What is your shoe size?
10, not as big as my mother’s 11!

Q & A with Suzanne

What genre/s do you write?
Erotic romance – contemporary and paranormal

What made you decide to write the genre you do?
Several authors in my local writing group have successfully published in erom, and I decided to try my hand at writing at a higher heat level. It’s been a lot of fun.

When not writing, what hobbies/interests do you have?
I love to read. I will lose myself for hours in a good book then look up in surprise when my oldest gets home from school.

What is your latest book about? When did/does it come out?
My latest release is in the Threefold Anthology at Total-E-Bound. Between A and Z is a modern retelling of Pygmalion with a gender twist.

Does your family know about your writing career?
Yes, even my three sons know that Mom writes sexy, adult stories. I would never feel good about my career if I had to hide it from my children.

If so what do they say about it?
My husband is very supportive. He loves being the first to read my stories!

Do you have a favorite author/s?
I’m a freaky fan girl of Suzanne Brockmann. I was recently at a conference where she spoke, and I was bubbling over with hero worship. It was awesome!

What is your current project?
      I’m currently working on a contemporary story with a older woman and a younger man.

Do you have any series out? If so what is it about?
Gifts of Desire is a three book series about an American couple who meet a British couple while on vacation in Tenerife, Canary Islands. Two men and two women find love in a polyamorous relationship as they share their Gifts of Desire.

Why did you choose your particular publisher/s to go with?
I know several of the authors and editors at Total-e-bound. They told me what a great company it was to work with, and it truly is.

I want to thank Suzanne for taking the time to answer my questions. Read below to read more about this great author!

Where can you find Suzanne at?

Want to find out what Suzanne as out?

Threefold Anthology
'Between A and Z' by Suzanne Graham


Mia dubbed her life-sized clay sculpture, Adam, because he is the first man she’s ever made. Most of her work has been female torsos, but recently her muse insisted it was time for her to produce a man. Though, she might have been confusing her surging libido with her artistic muse.

Mia has been abstinent for nearly a year, but not because of any plan. Her best friend, Shirle, has organized a party for Mia to put an end to her long dry spell and give her vibrator a night off. Before she even gets out of Shirle’s car, Mia meets Zed.

Zed has come to the party to win a challenge. The waiters at the restaurant where he is the head chef and owner don’t think a black French chef can country line dance. Once he meets Mia, his purpose for the night changes. He plans to spend the evening with this incredibly sexy woman whose sense of humour is developed enough to subject herself to the intense teasing from her friends about her lacking sex life. But he must decide whether he still wants Mia when he discovers Adam plays an important role in her life.

Available from Total-E-Bound:

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