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Jenika is a nurse, mother and wife. She lives in the too hot northeast with her husband and their two children. Thankfully, her husband shares her unusual sense of humor and naughty nature. Writing is Jenika's number one passion, but since life gets in the way, she isn't able to write full-time (at least not yet.) Jenika writes erotic paranormal, contemporary and sci/fi romances. Her publishing houses are Siren-BookStrand, Total-E-Bound, Passion in Print, and Evernight publishing. Jenika started writing at a very young age. Her first story consisted of a young girl who traveled to an exotic island and found a magical doll. That story as long since disappeared, but her passion for writing has stayed strong Jenika loves to hear from readers, and encourages them to contact her and give their feedback.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Guest author Rachel Randall

About Rachel Randall

Rachel Randall has lived in three different countries over the last five years and is currently enjoying the good cheese, cheap wine and excellent trains of Europe. She knows far too much celebrity gossip and spends too much on concert tickets. Rachel believes the words “too much” are highly overrated and is having a blast with her new identity as an Erotic Adventuress.


Tasty tidbits about Rachel

What is your favorite movie?
Terminator 2. Total bad-ass Linda Hamilton escaping from the mental institution, then Arnold comes out of the elevator in slow motion, and then she starts keening and sliding backwards on the floor in horror, and just, the best.scene.ever.

What kind of vehicle do you drive?
 I ride a silver Giant Melbourne, baby! Here in the Netherlands, your bike is your best friend and the only ride you’ll ever need.

What is your shoe size?
North American 8.5, UK 6 and European 40. (Can you tell I’ve been moving around a lot lately?)

How many pieces of jewelry do you wear on a daily basis?
 As many as possible, and as sparkly as possible. I love big rings and long earrings in particular—if it’s bling, I’m in.

How old are you?
I just turned 33!

What genre/s do you write?
Contemporary for my first three books, and my Victorian-era BDSM historical Playing with Prudence will be out on 28 March.

When not writing, what hobbies/interests do you have?
I love live music and theatre. It’s one of the (many) reasons I miss living in London—there was always amazing stuff on, and the National Theatre’s ten pound seasons are not to be missed. I’ve got tickets to see Take That with Robbie Williams in Amsterdam in July 2011, but that’s ages away. I’ll be a tourist in New Zealand for a month in March, so I’m hoping some good bands will be playing during my visit.

What is your latest book about? When did/does it come out?
His Christmas Present is set at a fabulous Christmas sex party in a manor house on the outskirts of London. It’s got costumes, ménage, hot men, hot women, snow and mistletoe, champagne, steamy shower sex, voyeurism, blindfolds, car kink and more. Lee, from my first book The Festival Spirit, appears in the story. So does new character Valentine, who will star in Taking it Off, my 14 February release Taking it Off. His Christmas Present is currently available from Total E-Bound, and you can find the links and an excerpt below. I hope you enjoy it as a way of keeping the glitter of the festive season in your life for just a little bit longer.

Was there anything that inspired you to write it?
The SAD lack of Christmas parties in my life last year. I sat down and thought, right, what would the ultimate holiday party be like? And by writing it, I made sure I got to go! (PS, you’re invited too!)

Does your family know about your writing career?
My family knows I write erotic romance and they think it’s great, but in a very vague, details-not-required sort of way. My friends know and think it’s great, and some of them want to read and some of them don’t. You can learn a lot about your colleagues, too, by discussing erotic romance with them—as long as you’re not too scandalous at the water cooler, everyone wants to offer an opinion.

What do they say about it?
My mom and her friends always have an opinion on my characters’ names. Seriously. You know when you were a teenager only your mom could give you that particular look that made you slink back upstairs to change your outfit? Yeah. If I make the mistake of mentioning a character to my mom, chances are I’ll be renaming the poor bloke before the day is through…

If you could do one taboo thing what would it be and why?
I have this secret thing about sex in elevators. I’ve never done it, but my partner gets this look of nervous anticipation whenever we’re alone in an elevator together, because clearly I start broadcasting naughty intent. Do I really want to have sex in an elevator? I don’t know! But you can bet that elevator sex will turn up in a Rachel Randall story sooner rather than later.

If you could go on a date with anyone (and I mean anyone) who would it be and why?
Alex Kapranos, lead singer of Franz Ferdinand. Tall, talented, stylish, and (I’m sure) utterly filthy. We’d be having a threesome with Florence Welch (+ her machine) after he’d, ahem, taken me out.

Do you have a favorite author/s?
I’m a total slut for different genres... One of my long-time favourite fantasy authors is Guy Gavriel Kay. He writes lovely, lush alternative histories, often with incredibly-satisfyingly-tragic romances. Scott Lynch is a new joy—his third Locke Lamora book can’t come quickly enough! I read lots of historical romance (Untie My Heart by Judith Ivory and The Wedding Season by Connie Brockway are two old favs). In contemporary, I’m a big fan of Victoria Dahl. I also have an ill-advised soft spot for Australian action-adventure writer Matthew Reilly. His books are full of danger! Maps of trap systems! Descriptions of ballistics! Dodgy history and conspiracy theories! Overused exclamation marks! Books should be enjoyable above all, and I love it when an author comes through with the unselfconscious fun.

Why did you choose eBook publishing?
            I love the opportunities implicit in ebooks—literally, anything goes. As a reader (and genre slut), that’s tremendously appealing. If I fancy it, not only will it exist, but I can get it pretty much instantly (a great thing when you can’t just wander into a local bookshop and find what you want in English). And, as a writer (and genre slut), the appeal is even greater. You’re not restricted by length, you can write genres that just don’t flourish at the print publishers, and a huge amount of control remains in your hands. Ebooks all the way.

I want to thank Rachel Randall for taking the time to participate in this interview! Find out more about Rachel below and her newest release.

Read more about Rachel Randall

Rachel’s webpage: http://rachelrandall.wordpress.com
Rachel’s Twitter: www.twitter.com/rachel_randall

Read an expert below from Rachel newest release:

His Christmas Present

Buy link:

You are cordially commanded to attend my Christmas revel…

When London cabbie Tim drives the gorgeous Diana to a costume party, he eagerly accepts her invitation to stay. He soon learns that this is no ordinary holiday bash—it’s an exclusive sex party, where saucy secret Santa favours are exchanged and even the Christmas tree’s hung—with condoms.

Diana has chosen Tim as the perfect gift for their charismatic host, Max. But before Max gets to unwrap his Christmas present, the other guests want to play naughty and nice with his new boy-toy. Tim’s in for a very sexy Christmas Eve.

Welcome to the party.

Caging him, Max backed Tim into the newel post of the staircase and kept him there while his mouth, his tongue, worked. So fucking good. Pleasure fractured through Tim. Exactly what he’d wanted, what he’d needed, satisfying in ways that no one else here could have matched.
Max bit down suddenly on his lip. The tang of pain woke Tim from his mindless compliance. He hauled them around, using momentum to shift Max’s heavier frame until it was Max’s back that was pressed against the diagonal rise of the banister. Tim swiped his tongue into Max’s mouth, licking at his teeth, his smooth palate, his alcohol-roughened taste buds. When Max shifted his weight, Tim immediately seized the opportunity, knocking Max off-balance with a quick insinuation of his feet between the other man’s footfall.
Max growled low in his throat and the sound reverberated through Tim’s open, searching mouth as they clashed in another kiss. When Tim gasped, Max preyed on the momentary weakness, his hands clamping down on Tim’s wrists. Tim brought his arms up swiftly between their bodies to try to break his hold but Max was as strong as he looked. His grip didn’t loosen, not even when his tight fists skidded down Tim’s forearms. The burn of flesh on flesh was amazing, straight to Tim’s cock.
Tim relaxed suddenly and Max instinctively did too, just that tiny bit that Tim needed to break his hold. They both froze at stalemate, their breathing coming heavy.
“Upstairs,” Max ground out.
            The ribbon on the staircase was already broken; the golden tape left trailing to the floor. Even from halfway up they could hear them, moans coming from behind the closed bedroom doors. There was a crash that sounded like furniture falling over, and the sex sounds picked up in speed and volume.
“Merry Christmas for someone at least,” Tim managed. Anticipation had him in a choke-hold, his cock was stiffening with every step.  He shut up, concentrating instead on the tightly controlled movements of Max’s ass in front of him.


  1. Nice interview. I liked that it wasn't the usual questions and I got to know you better. I love the premise of His Christmas Present. I'm going to have to buy it.

  2. Happy New Year, She :) I hope you enjoy His Christmas Present!